Pinnacles 2013

Photo Albums

Many thanks to the ASMs and parents who take photos of the outings and kindly share them! The Troop photos are kept at various online sites such as Picasa and Shutterfly.

To access photos, click on the image or album name below and it will connect to an album in Picasa or Shutterfly (any passwords are the same as the Troop's site). Or go directly to the various sites from the links to right. Note: any troop family can add photos to the Troop group site (once you become a "member"). Once in a group/family site, you can access any of the outing albums.

The outing albums below are just some of the many photos taken, so also explore the various sites and see how much fun Troop 834 is having!


“Cake “Pinnacles “Alcatraz
Cake Baking Contest (03/15) Pinnacles (04/15) Alcatraz (11/15)


Sunol Del Valle 2014 Lassen 2014 Angel Island 2014
Sunol Del Valle (05/14) Lassen (08/14) Angel Island (11/14)


Wolfeboro 2013 Philmont 2013 Scouting For Food 2013
Wolfeboro (07/13) Philmont (08/13) Scouting For Food (11/13)


Catalina (6/12) Sunol Del Valle (4/12) Court of Honor (1/12)
Catalina (6/12)
by Mr. Hall.
Sunol Del Valle (4/12)
by Mr. Prieur.
Court of Honor (1/12)
by Mrs. Kalich.


Yosemite 60 Backpack (8/11) catalina 2011 Water Sports 2011
Yosemite Backpack (8/11)
by Mr. Mangin.
Catalina (6/11)
by Mr. Prieur.
Water Sports (8/11)
by Mr. Crawley.
hetch hetchy video Point Reyes camporee-spring-events
Hetch Hetchy Video(6/11)
by Mr. Looney
Point Reyes (6/11)
by Mr. & Mrs. Heath
Camporee/Spring Events
by Mrs. Kalich.
camporee ECOH 2011 Snow Camping 2011
Camporee (5/11)
by Mr. & Mrs. Heath
Eagle Court of Honor (3/11)
by Mr. & Mrs. Heath
Snow Camping (2/11)
by Mr. & Mrs. Heath


Mt. Whitney canoe camping 2010 Jamboree
Mt. Whitney (8/10)
by Mrs. Culbertson

Canoe Camping (7/10)
by Mr. Crawley

Jamboree (5/10)
by Mr. Looney

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