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Troop Parent Committee (TPC)

Our troop activities are "boy-led" but without parents,there is no troop. The committee chair, treasurer, secretary and others handle all the business of running the troop, and we encourage all parents to get involved in any large or small way. The TPC also handles any issues that parent and/or scouts may have. We also have a lot of fun!

Parent Involvement

Your Troop leadership works hard to mentor your youth and provide and safe and enjoyable situation where they can learn and grow. Boys whose parents are involved get much more out the scouting program than those who are not. Every family is expected to participate in some way. Share your talents, find your niche, and help us maintain the glory of Troop 834!

Annual Parent Social BBQ Dinner

We used to have a "mandatory" meeting of parents to fill the volunteer jobs needed to run the troop. We now have the revolutionary and proactive Parent Social where we can discuss what needs to be done and what talents parents have to share in a comfortable, social environment with dinner, stories, a photo slideshow and beer. How much better can it get?

Shack Maintenance

Once a year, you are required to help maintain our home, the shack. We ask that you give 4 hours per scout. Without your commitment, our buildings will not be the special place that sets us apart from the school MPRs and Church Rec rooms.

Parents and Boards of Review

The last step in the advancement process for each scout rank is the Board of Review. Each month, several scouts request review boards which take place on the second Tuesday of the month at the troop meeting. These review boards are basically a panel interview conducted by a group of three parents, not leaders. We have a list of questions you can ask the scout or you can make up your own. It is easy to combine parents with experience and new parents into these boards. By far the best way to meet the other scouts, learn about the troop and its functions (or failures), is to volunteer to sit on a Board of Review.

For further information. Please contact committeechair@bsatroop834.org


Troop 834 Parent Committee

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